Ariel Wai-Loong Ng, R.Ac, R. TCMP

Ariel Ng is a therapist whose patients can count on her. Her style is elegant, graceful and attentive. She is a respectful Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine Herbalist who will always check in with you during a session. She'll make you feel comfortable and not overload you with too many acupuncture needles. She is qualified to prescribe patients Chinese Herbs and is happy to share her plant wisdom. Her patients describe her as professional, thoughtful and compassionate. On top of her Acupuncturist training, Ariel holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in Psychology, and certified in Specialized Kinesiology. She also is a Holistic Nutritionist.

Ariel enjoys treating patients with plateaued rehabilitation, post concussions and post cancer therapy management. Her practice is well equipped to deal with all kinds of pain management and internal diseases. She's ready to formulate a smart point prescription based on whatever ails you. She strongly believes in educating her patients to facilitate bringing about perfect harmony. If you're up for it, she has great homecare tips and tricks to prolong the benefits of her services. While she is currently a Registered Acupuncturist and R. TCMP, she is finishing her Advanced TCMP program and will be writing her Board licensing exam to be a Doctor of TCM for 2023!

Undoubtedly, Ariel is a patient favourite. She knows when to chat, when to provide space and creates a soothing quiet boundary for solitude. Ariel has excellent discernment of which points to use and which modalities would be best for your health condition. Ariel Ng, R. Ac, R. TCMP will not settle for anything less than finding the root cause of your ailments and making you feel fantastic.

Languages spoken: English and Cantonese