Patricia De Guzman, RMT

As a new graduate of Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic, Patricia is excited to apply various theories and techniques with her patients. She obtained her hands on experience from a variety of specialty clinics offered through her massage therapy education. Scar work, breast congestion and reduced mobility are some of the presentations she’s worked with in Breast Clinic from post-radiation and post-surgical patients. She has also worked with patients at Lyndhurst Hospital as a part of the rehabilitation program for spinal cord injuries and dysfunctions. Patricia has had the opportunity to work alongside the medical team on an off-site pregnancy clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital where treatment modifications and extra precautions were necessary to treat high-risk pregnancy conditions.

Patricia believes in promoting health and wellness through preventative methods as well as educating her patients. During treatments, her goal is to recognize the symptoms while searching for the root of the pain, allowing her to treat efficiently and effectively. Her love for challenges keeps her motivated and her curiosity allows her to explore various modalities. A balanced lifestyle is important for Patricia. She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. She remains active outside of work and continues to volunteer at various events in hopes to develop her professional growth.